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Maria Larsson


Director Gösta Ekman's Laboratory

I am the principal investigator of the research program Our unique sense of smell which is funded by The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences 2015-2010. The research program includes national and international scientists and together we are investigating various aspects of the sense of smell. Of particular interest is to further our understanding regarding odor memory, why it is so difficult to name odors, why the early phase in dementia is associated with smell loss, and whether blind people have a better sense of smell than sighted.

More information regarding the research program Our unique sense of smell.

I earned my PhD in 1997 at Karolinska institutet. Thereafter I worked at Uppsala university and Stockholm University. Since 2009 I am professor of perception and psychophysics here at the Department of Psychology. I teach and supervise in cognition and the psychology of perception at undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, I am supervising four doctoral students.

For an updated list of publications and citation index, please see my Google Scholar page


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